Smart Words From Smart People. Things I Love Edition.

[When it comes to vacation, I’m big on tradition. One of my most dependable traditions? When I spend a week out of the office, I let others do the heavy lifting for me. This week is no different. So while I’m spending the week having fun in Wisconsin, I thought I’d let the things that inspire me speak for themselves.]

I am convinced @leeclowsbeard should start a line of fortune cookies. It’s a nearly daily delivery of “I wish I’d said that” brilliance. Like this one: All things being equal, go with the lowest bid. And good luck finding anything where all things are ever equal. That’s what I want with my moo shu pork.

Planet Money makes the sometimes stuffy world of macroeconomics genuinely interesting. And engaging. And approachable. It’s like This American Life for business.

Freakonomics is consistently mind expanding. It’s The Power Of Poop podcast was mind-blowing. It’s worth checking in with them every so often just so you can be reminded that you might be approaching a problem (or opportunity) in precisely the wrong way.

Co Design has good content and is done beautifully. Familiar but totally different. More sites / brands / content providers should rethink the possibilities they have available to them.

There are not enough hours in the day to read and process all of the great – free – stuff on the HBR blogs. That could be my only job… and I would fail.

The IPA’s Fast Strategy app is a new tool. But I’ve used it a couple of times already and am excited about its possibilities. As we have less time and resources to accomplish more, this type of application allows for both smart action and actual traction.

Smart Stats For Smartphones.

“I’ll have my phone on me” carries a very different meaning these days.

We have a saying around the office: In the battle between the TV and the computer, the winner is the phone. And the implications for businesses are flying at us freight-train fast. Smartphone stats are all about “more…”

More users. Based on Nielsen numbers, an estimated 51% of the U.S. population will have a smartphone by the end of 2011.

Spending more time. eMarketer reports that consumers spend an average of 50 minutes a day on their mobile devices. And time spent with mobile is rising faster than all other media.

Enjoying more control. According to Microsoft Advertising and Compete, 46% of smartphone owners compare prices on their phone while in the store.

Recognizing more utility. 56% of respondents to a Deloitte Consulting survey who owned both a smartphone and a laptop agreed the smartphones were replacing “many of the roles” of these computers. This number is up from 41% just three months earlier.

Evaluating more touchpoints. A study from ClickZ reported that 33% of online shoppers also visit online retailer from mobile device.

From more devices. Android has been growing. BlackBerry has been faltering. And Apple has been holding steady (for the moment). According to a recent MediaPost piece, each had about 28% share as of December.

The numbers are in. Your brand can win by going mobile. So what more are you doing?

[More smart stats for smartphones can be found here.]

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