New Laughlin Constable Campaign

For more than 30 years Laughlin Constable has demonstrated that we know how to produce effective and innovative solutions for our clients. Just like the cobblers in that old saying “the cobblers kids have no shoes,” we’ve predominately focused our resources and talent on our clients.

Well, today we’re getting a new pair of shoes.

For the first time in LC history, we’re launching a digital media campaign for the agency.

The campaign highlights two of Milwaukee’s prominent events from 2008 that our public relations team played a major role in. From garnering more than 279 million impressions for the Harley-Davidson Museum® to helping raise $700,000 for Ronald McDonald House Charities® of Eastern Wisconsin by making one of the most successful McDonald’s All American® High School Basketball Games happen.

Banner ads and paid search touting our success stories are strategically placed online to reach key business leaders in southeastern Wisconsin. The banners and paid search will drive traffic to landing pages on that showcase the exceptional results our public relations team produced while working on some of the biggest events in the area.

This is an opportunity for us to flaunt the measurable results and progressive solutions our agency can produce. It’s time to break those new shoes in.

Allow Me to Indulge

As a PR consultant, it is my job to tell my clients’ stories and garner publicity by getting them in the news.  I enjoy it.  And I think my clients appreciate my work.

From time to time though, there are situations that require “tooting my own horn.”  This is one of those times.  But not just my horn.  I’m going to toot Laughlin Constable PR’s horn in this space.  A recent event calls for it.

Hey, if we do great PR work for clients shouldn’t we do it for ourselves, too?

Outstanding work done for Laughlin Constable clients Wolverine, McDonald’s and Café Manna has recently earned our agency three Paragon Awards from the Public Relations Society of America.  We feel pretty good about that.  So we thought we’d share.

So, how did we treat such good news?

  • A: Snuck on to the Miller Park field after the awards ceremony and ran the bases before being tackled by the Brat, Polish and Italian.  Not sure what happened to the Chorizo and Hot Dog.  They were asleep at the wheel on security detail apparently.
  • B: Took the red-eye to Vegas, checked-in at the Palms and gambled the day away.  All the while carrying our awards around everywhere we went.
  • C: Went straight home and got the mandatory eight hours of sleep, and were up early the next day ready to work.
  • D: Took the Amtrak Hiawatha to Chicago, hit Rush Street ‘til 4 a.m. and worked out of our Chicago office the following day.
  • E: Drafted a press release touting our achievements and hit the local pubs (that’s short for publications).  Although we have been known to hit a pub or two.

The answer?  We’re not saying.  But if you chose “C” you don’t know us very well.

Now that I’m done tooting, you can read the release here.