Add A Will For A Way

The path forward is ours to create.

If you’re looking for a simple tool to light the way, add a “will.”

While “where there’s a will there’s a way” focuses on intent and dedication, there is another important will – a future focus. And that is especially important to the questions you’re wrestling with.

Turn “What is our differentiator” into “What will our differentiator be?”
Turn “What is our story?” into “What will our story be?”
Turn “Who is our best customer?” into “Who will be our best customer be?”

Looking ahead does two important things.

First, it allows you to live in the near future. It allows you to explore different potential scenarios – to be thinking a few steps ahead of the competition. Let’s lead, not follow.

Second, it frees you from the same old thinking. It allows you to think in terms of should’s – what you should be, rather than just what you are. For better and worse, let’s not accept our current reality as a given for the future.

Let your will’s light your way.

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