Prepare Your Media Plan for the Political Season

Today the nation is closely following the gubernatorial recall election in Wisconsin because of the political implications to the presidential election this fall. With the barrage of commercials from candidates, how can you best prepare your media plan for the political season?

In April, Laughlin Constable spoke to Rich Kirchen of the Milwaukee Business Journal, sharing our thoughts on how to plan ahead to manage the preemption of our clients’ television spots.

  • Did you know that Federal law requires television stations to air political ads and provide them with the lowest unit rate? For all non-political advertisers that drives up the cost on the remaining inventory.
  • In regional markets, political advertising can lead to increased costs and a tightening of inventory, typically 60 to 90 days prior to the election date. And it’s not uncommon for rates to increase 10-15% in day parts such as primetime and news.

In a heavy political environment finding acceptable make-good locations, when schedules are bumped, can sometimes pose a challenge. When faced with such challenges, how can you best prepare your client and media plan for the political season?

  • We believe in forming strong relationships with our media representatives so when a situation like this happens we are alerted in advance.
  • If the market is just too tight we will suggest shifting dollars out of TV and into radio – where there is usually less inventory challenges.

And with political advertising expected to reach $9.8 billion this year, according to Borrell Associates, only 1.6% of that is expected to be spent online – this creates another opportunity.

  • Preemption doesn’t exist online, meaning your placements are guaranteed.
  • With the use of behavioral, and advanced, targeting we can ensure your advertising is seen by your target demographic online.
  • And with online sponsorships we believe our clients have a strong opportunity to capture the increased traffic to news and political sections and sites.

Have you prepared your media plan for the November election? If you have questions or would like a recommendation on how to best prepare your plan, please contact Dennis Jenders ( / 414-270-7178) or Kelli Sumwalt ( / 414-270-7241).

Rethinking Your Facebook Username?

Facebook has been quite adamant that they would not allow people to change their “Username” after you have selected it. However, it seems Facebook may have taken a step back because they have updated your “Account Settings” to allow you to change you username, as a one-time only service.

One has to wonder if the influx of change requests and complaints have made Facebook change their mind. Will they do so for “Pages” as well?

Digging a bit deeper in the interface, Facebook has not yet given Page administrators this ability. While changing your username may be valuable to those who made a mistake or chose one without much though, this is likely one of the more valuable features for an administrator.

Another important note, if you have been unable to secure a preferred username you should check with your Facebook account team. They may have black listed trademarked names to proactively protect your brand. With a little help from Facebook we were able to change the username for one of our client’s “Pages”.

The Username Gold Rush

Friday evening, it’s 11:00 PM, do you know where your marketing agency is? Are they securing your Facebook username?

Over the course of this past week Facebook has released details on how to claim your Facebook username. Once called “Vanity URLs” the username rush will make it much easier to share your Facebook profile and pages.

vaniuty-urlFor marketers it’s very important to secure your preferred username. Much like the valuable .com domain name, the Facebook username land grab will cause some companies to miss out on a preferred username. However Facebook has implemented some procedures to avoid issues with registered trademarks and copyrights.

If your brand does not currently have an official page, and you have the rights to a given name today, you can proactively prevent the registration of that name by filling out the form here:

If for some reason you discover the name you hold rights to is taken, you can report the infringement here:

Otherwise, what are you waiting for? Grab your username now,