The Year In Review. Number Four.

This week marks my fourth year of writing a weekly blog post. In years one, two and three, I put together a Year In Review.

According to Hallmark, fourth anniversaries should be marked with a gift of appliances. So here are seven of my favorite posts from the last year that I hope you can use as a tool for your business.

Add A Will For A Way
Looking ahead not only allows you to live in the near future, it frees you from the same old thinking.

What To Learn From Being Wrong
To make better decisions, be aware that context is there. Whether you can see it or not.

The Real Value Of More Time
The real value of more time is “less.”

How To Preach To Your Choir
To keep your loyalists enthusiastic and engaged, you must find ways to stay fresh.

A Better Way To Think About A Better Way
There is always a better way. And that’s an opportunity.

If You’re Stuck, Start Asking Questions
If you have questions, you’re going to have to get answers.

Marketing Is Human
This doesn’t have to be complicated. It does have to be genuine.

Thanks for reading. And stay tuned. Next year’s gift is silverware.

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