How To Preach To Your Choir

The concept of “preaching to the choir” is too often dismissed as unnecessary. Categorized as short-sighted. Labeled as redundant. Or, worse, preachy.

But the members of your choir are your loyalists. They are the like-minds connected around your values. As such, they matter. Preach to the right choir in the right way and that choir will grow. Arm them with stories and they’ll spread your message for you. Do right by them and they’ll do right by you.

But here’s the thing about choirs: They keep showing up to hear what you have to say. And while you can’t give the same sermon over and over, you have to give one every week.

Staying on point is key. After all, that’s the reason they keep showing up. But to keep your loyalists enthusiastic and engaged, you must find ways to stay fresh. To be expectedly unexpected.

Because your choir wants you to be consistent – in consistently new and interesting ways.

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