A Better Way To Think About A Better Way

Evolving. Improving. Learning. Who isn’t looking for a better way?

But the dark side of “a better way” is that… there is always a better way. When there is a better way, there is no end. No finish line.

So as we examine things like how we complete a task or how we collaborate with one another, we must accept that there is always a better way.

This shouldn’t be depressing. Instead, it’s an opportunity.

Because we understand that we can succeed without perfection. Best practices can still exist. A perfect end can – and often does – come from imperfect means. That’s a liberating discovery.

Because we know we have the opportunity to learn from more than our failures. We can also learn from our successes.

And because when we’ve found a better way, we’re not done. We’re just on to finding the next one.

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