If You’re Stuck, Start Asking Questions

Paul Thomas Anderson is the writer and director of the much-buzzed about film The Master. His interview this week on Fresh Air provided insight into his writing process that can benefit anybody trying to figure out how to start.

“The best way for me to start writing a story is to get two characters talking to each other. And if you got questions from one, you’re gonna have to get answers from the other, and you can start to find out who is coming out of you when you’re writing, if you know what I mean… [I] didn’t really know who these people were, so I just started discovering who they were by what their answers would be.”

If you don’t know where to start, start asking questions. What would a conversation look like between your customer and your brand? Between your prospects and your brand? Ask “why?” Ask “how?” Ask “what else?” Ask “why?” again. Answering a direct question should always be more relevant than making a statement. So let your answers start you on your path.

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