In Social Media, No One Upstages Lady Gaga

Influence online is powerful. Marketers covet retweets, mentions and tags from high authority social influencers.

Lady Gaga falls in her own category of influence, however. According to a recent Forbes article, her Facebook and Twitter followers are 75 million strong and can fill the states of Texas, California and New York. Compare that to Starbucks and their 33 million fans and followers don’t boast so loud.

Check out this infographic LC created that demonstrates Gaga’s massive reach potential.

Consider these additional Lady Gaga Social Media Stats:

  • Her authority score is 100 out of 100 (this is wildly uncommon).
  • The phrase “Lady Gaga” was mentioned over 5 million times in 3 months on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ alone.
  • One out of six people on Twitter follow her.
  • If each of her followers retweeted her post it could reach 7.5 billion people (that’s the population of planet Earth).
  • 95% of “Lady Gaga” mentions on Twitter have positive sentiment.
  • In one day alone (5/17/12) Lady Gaga’s Facebook page had more than 500 wall posts, 179 comments, and 458 likes.

LC gathered these Lady Gaga social media stats from Sysomos MAP, the enterprise platform we use to track online conversations and social trends. The tool can go back up to two years and pull anything from fun celebrity mentions to client products. We include this data in our monthly reports for clients providing sentiment, volume, competitive, and trends.

Want more Gaga-licious details? See the full Forbes article that also discusses Lady Gaga’s anti-bullying program, Little Monsters.

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Lady Gaga social media stats

Social media stats, Lady Gaga Infographic


  1. 40deuce said:

    Cool stuff Sarah!
    If you think Lady Gaga has social prowess though, you should also check out Justin Beiber. It pains me to say it, but that kid own social media.

    Sheldon, community manager for Sysomos & Marketwire

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