The Year In Review. Number Three.

Last week marked my third year of writing a weekly blog post. I marked years one and two with a Year In Review. I’m trying something a little different for Year Three. My three favorite posts from the past year.

Keep It Simpler, Smarty
Want your writing / copy / message to be liked more? Don’t just mean what you say. Just say what you mean. Simpler writing is judged as more true. It’s judged as more confident. It’s even liked more.

Planning’s Job Description: Strategy Designers
Design and strategy are not mutually exclusive, nor do they occur at different times in the brand planning process. Design can be a strategy. And effective strategies incorporate an essential element of great design: Simplicity wins.

You Can Lead A Horse To Water, But You Can’t Make It Collaborate
Since you can’t just wait for collaboration to happen, here are three tips to get the horse to drink: (1) Create shared ownership, (2) Define roles, not process and (3) Force collisions.

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