A Healthy Approach To Change: Comfort as a means to Confidence

I’ve written about the topic of change for the last two weeks. First, about how the New Normal in the business world is to acknowledge the fact that change is reality, but not the realities of change. And, then, last week on the value of risk and change.

As with most things, there is a second side to this coin. Change is not always the right choice. Certainly not change for the sake of change.

As data becomes more real-time and more omnipresent, it will be easier and easier to justify tweaks, evolutions and outright changes. But while optimization is essential, consistency matters.

The best change is sometimes the one you don’t make. Struggling brands, especially, tend to lack an organizing concept they can own. Which results in more changes. Which results in less of a cohesive reason for being. Which likely leads to more changes. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

Change is a concept that is too often feared (ex: “It ain’t broke”) or too fully embraced (ex: Bright Shiny Object Syndrome). My bottom line? The ideal is decision makers who feel comfortable enough making changes that they can be confident not making them.

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