The Year In Review. Take Two.

Last May, I posted a Year In Review – recapping my first year of blog posts in just 100 words. I found Year Two harder to summarize. Which either meant I had more to say, or I’m getting worse at saying it simply. I have my fingers crossed its the former. Without further adieu, here’s year two:

The more variables you know, the easier the equation. But don’t ask “What do we know?,” ask “What do we care?” Data isn’t knowledge, it’s power. And it’s made better through collaboration. Look at it through both The Long View and The Lens Of Right Now. Both matter. Concern yourself less with emerging media and more with merging media. Because we don’t just live in an Always On world, we live in an Always On-Demand one. So right now for you is on-demand for your customer. And, when in doubt, it’s worth reminding yourself the future is forever.

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